Sara & Josh

It’s engagement photo time again! I had a fun time this afternoon going around Clemson today… I’ll have to admit, it was my first time at the dairy farm! Such a beautiful day with fun people! Here are a few from today.



You can view all of their photos here:

Bridals With Amanda

First time posting bridals! I’m excited about these. Congratulations to Amanda and Harris on beginning their lives together as husband and wife on Saturday!


That headpiece was worn by her grandmother in her wedding… love it!


Gotta be comfortable!


Loving the rustic look of the old mill



One of my favorite pictures ever. Loved getting to do these!

Seniors? What the what?

My roommate Elisabeth and I both needed some pictures to send out to family with graduation announcements, so we went out to the botanical garden for an hour or so the other afternoon and started goofing around. We ran into issues with lighting because of the time of day, and issues with a creeper (read: “Can I have yo number? Can I have it?”), but we had fun and got a few good ones. Here we go!








Cleaning out Aperture

So, I’m finally learning some things… the main one being that if I want to keep my computer happy with me and I want to continue shooting raw files, I’m going to need to utilize that external hard drive a little more. On that note, time to clean out Aperture! Here are a few random photos that I either missed at some point, re-edited or just wanted to a share 🙂

This little boy was at PNO last night, and fell asleep while being burped. I recognize that it’s probably creepy that I took a picture of him, but you can’t deny that this is cute.

This is back from this summer. Why does this golf course look so much like the default Windows desktop?

I didn’t like the lighting in this photo originally, but from doing some snooping on the web, apparently overexposed is the new vintage.

Speaking of precious, sleeping babies…

And lastly, he will kill me for putting this up but I love this photo 🙂


Head shots with Cody

So, pageant head shots were a new one… for both of us! We had a warm, humid, starting to rain afternoon to work with, and not a whole lot of time. These were due today! Cody and I are both new to the pageant world, and while these might not look like what I envisioned a pageant head shot looking like, I think they turned out pretty good! Here are a few.

And I just like the last one in general, maybe not for use as a head shot though!

Feedback appreciated!

Nicole & DJ

I got a chance to do my first stadium shoot at Clemson thanks to Nicole & DJ. Sadly, the field wasn’t painted… but we didn’t care! Here’s a few to start with them, and hopefully there will be some more around campus coming soon!

Gotta start it all out with the picture at the rock, of course

Well, that’s that for the preview! I enjoyed hanging out with them, more to come soon!